Why Send My Love to Anyone?

Why am I doing a newsletter?

Why am I doing a newsletter? The truth is I don’t know.

The title comes from a typo in a message I sent to my cousin. I meant to write “send my love to everyone” but it came out “send my love to anyone” which I thought had a kind of funny ring to it and would make a neat title for a newsletter. And then I thought—why not start a newsletter about writing.

It’s been a rough year, and I hope to offer a little lift with this project for myself and others.

I grew up near a park shaped like a bowl that used to be a gravel pit. To get into the park you had to walk down a steep hill. But instead of walking down the hill, we used to get on our sides and roll all the way down laughing and screaming as gravity took over. We didn’t know where we would land or the path our tumbling would take us, but we always knew we would make to the bottom.

Like most things I’ve started from creating literary journals to running workshops, I just get an idea and go with it. I don’t think too much about it likely because it would be too easy to talk myself out of it.

So I’m rolling down the hill with this newsletter about writing and the writing process. I’m excited to see what happens and where it will land.

Thanks for joining me!

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