I decided to have a lofty goal of writing 1500 words a day. I said that I would fail at this and I did, sort of.
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I’m still on Twitter [and Insta]. My cultivated feed of fourteen years still feeds me.
I’m starting to track my word counts for 2023. I expect there will be lots of failure along the way. For me this is an experiment in process, practice…

December 2022

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with Lynne Tillman and Elyse Friedman
On Two Serious Ladies
An excerpt from The Opportunist: When the calls started up again, Alana ignored them. Ditto the texts and emails, including ones with red exclamation…
Tara McGuire | Issue 21Listen now | Excerpt from Holden After & Before: Love Letter to a Son Lost to Overdose
This amazing kind of energy moment | The First TimeListen now | Kirby and Don Pyle revisit the past and discuss Pyle's new photography book Shot in a Mirror launching this week from Midnight Mass Press…
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